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The Most Elegant Storage Solution... Ever !

UU-U are focusing their efforts to create simple wearable tech to improve everyday life. Set out as a one man idea to bring together ideas of a much more efficeient lifestyle, designing much more elegant forms of technology.

We introduce our first product, The Memory Ring.

In a world where we consume digital media on a daily, if not hourly, basis; we amass memories that have no physical tenture to look back on. The Memory Ring allows you to store and recall intimate, precious and happy moments anywhere at any time. Perfect for self-induldgence, a gift for you dearest friend or perhaps a wedding momento for your very closest friend. Put your finger on it, and pledge today.

Fall In Love Again

Design for a minimalist look, function over form, we put effeicency of our digital lifestyle at the forefront of our design. Never lose your work or digital media again, because of the holes in your pocket.

Remember that naked feeling when you take of a peice of jewellery, now this feeling will help you remember your Ring.
Descreet, no one would know you are carrying a flash drive.
Store your memories with your jewellery, in your jewellery box. We merged the two worlds together.
A world of different uses, just like any other flash drives, you are not limited to what you can do with your ring.
Probably the best gift you can get for your geeky friend.

A huge range of finishes to choose from

With many variations to choose from at multiple price points, you can truely customise your Memory Ring to meet your requirements and style. Our rings are manufactured in equisite surroundings to the highest standard and assembelled by hand, there is no substitute for the fusion of the human eye and precision mathematics.

Stainless Steel

Our most affordable finish, precision-moulded finish using clinical-grade stainless steel.


This oozes glamour, quality and pure opulance. The perfect addition to your jewellery collection.


Our silver finish reflects the environment you pass through, mirroring new memories through past.


A sophisticated, overstated, and gold guilded finish that draws attention to its purity and class.

Why Get Involved ?

There are a million reasons why you should get involved, but here are a few of the many benefits of being an early Memory Ring adopter:

Get Early-Access

Our reings are already fully refined, which means you'll be one of the first to receive our retail product with your limited edition ID number.

Become Famous

That's right, your name will appear in our Hall of Fame on our public launch day. The more interest, the more famous you'll be, so lets get started!

Made in Great Britain

All our rings are hand-assembled to order in Hampshire, Great Britain. A country renowned for it's precision engineering.

The Perfect Gift

OK, so you got this far, so you must be interested, right? So, why not gift a friend with a Memory Ring before it's publically launched.

Free Postage

Unlike most KickStarters, we don't charge for postage within the United Kingdom, and for a small nominal fee for Worldwide shipping at checkout.

It's Amazing

Not interested in the bolt-on benefits included in supporting the launch of Memory Ring? That's OK, at least you know it's amazing, so you'll help us, right?

Our History

We've come a long way since the graphite hit the flourecent yellow sticky note on an Autumn afternoon in 2013. But just like the surface it was written on, the idea stuck, and the memo connatation took a whole new dimension. So forth the UU-U brand came alive, and through to present day we have a vibrant, young team based in Great Britain designing and crafting some of the best, and quite literally, timepieces ever to be casted from a waxy wonder.

Pledge Your Support Now

We're thilled that you'd like to support our Memory Ring KickStarter campaign. Depending on how much you're willing to invest, here's what you'll receive;

See Behind The Scenes

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